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Full Version: Southern California RailFest 2009 report NOW AVAILABLE!
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They tell me that patience is a virtue. So thanks for your patience as we got the best possible product for you to read and recount our 2 weeks last July.

So finally it's here.... the report from our busiest Fest to date. Who can forget our 6 days in SoCal, as well as two transcontinental Amtrak trips for some of us? The numbers of people involved, the struggles of daily life, and all the little sub plots that developed in between the train riding all contributed to why you're reading this in April nine months after the event took place.

Please enjoy reading all about our big 2009 trip. It's almost my 50th birthday... but YOU get the present! biggrin.gif The fun starts here!

Any comments and ideas are always welcome..... please post them in this thread. We'll leave this subforum up for about another 2 weeks. Around the first weekend of May it will be archived to read-only status elsewhere on the Forums.

On a similar note:

I'll also take any volunteers who wish to help me catch up to reality by writing the report for our most recent January meet in the New York area. I took not one note, and my mind has a half century of mush inside it lately. Anyone who wishes to take a stab at writing a comprehensive report (you'll have help with proofreading content for accuracy, spelling, grammar, etc.) please let me know. All I have to show so far is an outline of our activities.
Long Train Runnin'
I haven't finished the whole thing yet, but I did stumble across one minor error.

"In Del Rio, we were in town for seven minutes as we did a double spot between 8:36 and 8:43 PM. We left eight minutes behind schedule. Around 9:30 AM we came to the next highlight of the trip"

I think you were in Del Rio in the AM.

So far so good.
How do you know it didn't take 12 hours to do the double spot? biggrin.gif

Thanks for the catch; there's a combined century in these eyes.
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