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Travel Tips

Last major update December 2012

On Track On Line - Amtrak Travel Tips


To begin to learn why we say "There's Something About a Train That's Magic" call Amtrak at 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245), or visit your local station, and ask them for their brochure Amtrak America - Your Travel Guide to Amtrak Routes and Services, a 60+ page booklet all about Amtrak. It contains a wealth of information, including a description of each major route. You may also wish to pickup the Amtrak Vacations, a 40 page booklet. It includes special train packages, as well as diagrams of the layout of all of the types of cars used, including sleeping compartments. You can also order either brochure on-line here. Allow two to four weeks for mail delivery. While you wait, much of the same information is on the Amtrak Web Site.

Also ask for a copy of the Amtrak National Timetable which will greatly assist you in planning future trips. New Timetables usually appear in the Spring and the Fall.

Taking the Auto Train? See also our separate, detailed Amtrak Auto Train Tips, compiled by Don Weinstein.

Planning Group Travel? Amtrak's special Group Reservations number is 1-800-USA-1GRP, 8:30am to 8:00pm Eastern Time. A "group" is 15 persons or more.

Click the buttons below to see our Amtrak Travel Tips:

Trip Planning How to plan and book an Amtrak trip.
Accommodations All about Amtrak coaches, sleeping cars, dining cars, lounge and cafe cars.
On the Train What do to on the train, what to bring and not bring with you; how to enjoy your experience.
On the Train The crew members you will meet, and who you might consider tipping -- and how much.
Photography and electricity Tips concerning photography on and from a train; information about electricity available to passengers on the train.
Miscellaneous tips Some random hints that will help you enjoy your Amtrak travels.
Web Links Links to other web sites with useful information about Amtrak, including organizations that support passenger rail travel.
Final Tip Perhaps the most important tip of all.

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Amtrak Travel Tips edited by from personal experience and suggestions from many Amtrak riders. Particular thanks to former OTOL Leader HaRRy Sutton.

Amtrak does not endorse this page and other associated On Track On Line pages, nor does it sponsor this or any other On Track On Line page. Amtrak sources were used to compile or confirm some of the information here, but this does not represent official Amtrak information, nor is this information endorsed by Amtrak.

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