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Radio Frequencies

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Recent updates:

  • Updated 4-13-2015, Texas Eagle, Taylor TX to San Antonio
  • Updated 2-5-2015, Empire Builder in ND and between Chicago and Milwaukee; Hiawatha

Select a Route
(routes listed approximately geographically from east to west)
Downeaster Northeast Corridor Keystone Corridor
Vermonter Adirondack Ethan Allen
Empire Service Maple Leaf Lake Shore Limited
Pennsylvanian Capitol Limited Cardinal
Crescent North Carolina Service City of New Orleans
Silver Star Silver Meteor Palmetto
Auto Train Chicago-Milwaukee Chicago-Quincy
Chicago-Detroit-Pontiac Chicago-Port Huron Chicago-Grand Rapids
Chicago-Carbondale Chicago-St. Louis-Kansas City Chicago-Indianapolis
Sunset Limited Texas Eagle Heartland Flyer
Southwest Chief California Zephyr Empire Builder
Coast Starlight Pacific Surfliners San Joaquins
Capitol Corridor Cascades  

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